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Parking aid Porsche CayenneWhat is it?
A Reversing Sensor prevents accidents and collisions when backing up a car. It allows the driver to notice areas behind the vehicle which normally cannot be seen. The system also produces an audible warning to notify the driver of the distance between an obstacle and the vehicle.

Will it match the colour of my vehicles bodywork?
The majority of modern cars have colour coded bumpers, Mota-Bars stock approximately 30 different colours of parking sensors and also offer a bespoke colour matching service using the vehicle manufacturers paint code.

See the full range of coloured reversing sensors stocked by Mota-Bars here.

reversing sensorWhat are they?
An unobtrusive ultrasonic detection device to aid safe reversing, reducing expensive accident damage, by allowing the driver to recognise areas behind the vehicle which cannot normally be seen. The system helps the driver to be in better control when reversing. When the car approaches too close to an object in the detection zone, an alarm sounds. The sound also increases in intensity, in proportion to the distance from the object. This allows the driver to have considerably more control when parking in tight spaces greatly improving safety and judgement.

What does it do?

When in reverse, the system sounds a beep and senses the first detection zone (within 1.6m (7.3ft) distance), a second zone at 1.0m (3.0ft) and the third zone at 0.6m (2.0ft) the alarm sound increases progressively. From 0.4m (1.0ft) the alarm sounds continually indicating the driver to stop. For drivers with hearing problems there is a system with a display which shows 0.0m (0.0ft) when the actual distance is 0.1m (0.5ft). The system also indicates which side of the vehicle is closest to the object, either left or right.

Who can use it?
Everybody especially: Owners of sports cars, four wheel drives, estate cars and other vehicles with poor or reduced visibility. Users of larger vehicles, mini buses, trucks and vans. Parents of small children and pets or people living near schools or playgrounds. Drivers with disabilities, neck or back injuries, or the elderly.

Parking aid imageParking sensors from £139 including V.A.T. fully fitted.
(Available for virtually ANY vehicle).

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